We believe that when the students at St John's wear their full school uniform, they:

  • have a sense of self pride
  • have a sense of school pride and present a unified group to the wider community
  • are easily identified as belonging to the school community.

We believe that a standard school uniform:

  • gives parents a practical option that provides an opportunity for all students, regardless of economic status, to present themselves for school each day, equally.





Standard watches

Plain stud or sleeper earrings permitted only

Hair colour, radical hairstyles and excessive hair product are not permitted.


Tied back with a regulation (school colours) ribbon, band or school scrunchie.


Short and neat.

No nail polish is permitted to be worn


St John’s Primary has a No Hat - No Play policy.



Reading of this policy demonstrates an acceptance of the contents. Any concerns or queries regarding this policy should be directed to the school office.

School uniform


Girls Boys
Pinafore Maroon check Shirt Sky blue, long or short sleeve
Blouse Sky blue, long sleeve, peter pan collar Trousers Grey, tailored style
Maroon knit or V-neck sloppy joe Pullover
Maroon knit or V-neck sloppy joe
Socks Sky blue – knee-hi or ankle length Shoes Black, traditional style which can be polished
Tights Grey ribbed (not maroon) Socks Plain grey or with school stripes
Tab tie Cross over style - matches uniform (available from the school office) Tie School striped tie (available from the school office)
Shoes Black, traditional style which can be polished    
Maroon jacket (optional)



Girls Boys
Blue check dress Sky blue short sleeve shirt
Black school shoes Grey school shorts
Sky blue ankle socks Black school shoes
Maroon school hat Grey socks, short with blue and maroon stripes
Maroon V-neck pullover or tracksuit top Maroon V-neck pullover or tracksuit top



Girls Boys
Sky blue polo shirt Sky blue polo shirt
Navy blue knit shorts Navy blue knit shorts
Navy blue culottes Ankle length white socks
Navy blue brief (underwear) White sports shoes
Ankle length white socks School Sports tracksuit
White sports shoes Maroon school hat
School Sports tracksuit  
Maroon school hat  


Sports uniform is unchanged summer and winter – the tracksuit may only be worn on sports days.

All students are required to use the St John’s school bag, library bag and hat – available at the school office.

All St John’s uniform items are only available at Lowes, Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Wearing of the correct school uniform is compulsory. If the student is not wearing the correct uniform a letter will be sent home to advise of the breach of the uniform policy.